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About Me

Hi there! I'm Jacob, and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I'm currently a student at UCLA majoring in Business/Economics and minoring in Political Science. I've been admitted to 5 out of 6 of the UCs, including UC Berkeley and UCLA. I enjoy binge-watching the latest shows on Netflix, cooking, jogging, and taking unapologetic naps in my leisure time. As an international student, I understand how difficult, and sometimes lonely, the admission process can be. I've been an avid tutor both in and out of high school, specializing in AP courses, so I know what it's like going through those stressful four years of high school. However, I'm very excited to share my personal experience and what I've learned in last year's unprecedented cycle to help make your journey a little less daunting, for which the results can be worthwhile.

Jacob Chau


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