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About Me

Hi! I'm Jamar Sullivan Jr, a proud south-side Chicago native. I'm a second-year Computer Science and Astrophysics major and Education & Society minor at the University of Chicago! In the future, I would hope to contribute to academia and to have a meaningful role in the Chicago Public School system that I grew up in, providing research and academic opportunities to those who may not have access to any. I enjoy reading outside, listening to debates, working on side programming projects, biking on the lakefront, some casual Tetris, and yo-yo-ing in my spare time. The college application process can be really stressful, but with the right help, the end can be highly rewarding. I hope that, together, we can work toward finding schools that are the right fit for you and crafting the perfect essays to get you into the schools of your dreams!

Jamar Sullivan
Computer Science
and Astrophysics

University of Chicago

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