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3 Top Tips for Starting your Personal Statement

Writing your personal statement can be a daunting task, and many students spend hours crafting the perfect way to showcase their interests and talents. The opening of your personal statement can make or break whether someone will continue reading and ultimately accept you to the college. The first one or two sentences of your personal statement should reveal a little about your interests and personality without giving away everything that will be discussed throughout your writing. These are three memorable ways to start your personal statement this year to help you stand out from the hundreds of other applications your college admissions officer will be reading.

1. Use a Hook

Using a hook in the first sentence is one of the best ways to grab your reader’s attention immediately. A short statement of just a line or two which showcases a little humor and adds intrigue is the perfect way to start your personal statement. You’ll want to immediately establish one of your main interests, whether that’s sport or science, and show that you are interested in academics. The hook acts as a way to transition into the story your personal statement will tell and encourages them to keep reading.

2. Show Your Enthusiasm

Your enthusiasm should shine through from the very first line of your college application. Whether that’s a neatly crafted line of writing or a statement about why you want to study a certain subject, your intent for the rest of the personal statement should come across clearly. Your personal statement allows you to be creative, so use this opportunity to show your enthusiasm for writing if this is something you are looking to pursue. College admissions officers love to see passion and interest in their college and courses, which should be apparent from your first line.

3. Keep Things Current

While past experiences should be drawn on throughout your personal statement, keeping your writing in the present is key to a successful college application. The college admissions officer should understand why you want to study at their college now and your current interests and passions. Avoid using “from a young age” or “since I was a child” in the opening line, as these are generic statements that are used too commonly in college applications. Your personal statement acts as a way to draw in the reader and should focus on your current and future education and not place too much emphasis on childhood dreams.

Your personal statement is incredibly important for any college application and helps to showcase your personality away from just your good grades. When it comes to the introduction, you may find it easier to write the bulk of your personal statement and then come back to the introduction at the end. By this point, you’ll know exactly what’s covered in the writing, and you can link everything together to make a coherent piece of work. Your personal statement is a chance to shine and showcase your personality and talents, so ensure you don’t rush this part of your college application this year.

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