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Does this sound familiar?

  • I know I need to get started on my college apps, but I have no idea HOW.

  • There is a lot of information online, but what is actually important?

  • My college advisor is not very helpful and I am not sure which information to trust

  • I am very nervous, stressed and overwhelmed

  • I feel like I only have one try at this and I want to make sure it is done right

  • I am tired of being unsatisfied with my cliché-sounding essays and restarting over and over again

  • My thoughts are everywhere and I don't know how to organize them

  • I don't think my life is very interesting...I am just a normal person

  • I want to write about significant challenges in my life, but how do I not make it sound like a "sob" story?

  • I need help showcasing my personality in my writing and sharing my experiences in a creative way

  • Which of my life experiences are actually important and what do colleges actually want to see?

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