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Diversity Students

Our Mission

Welcome to PeerOne!

We are on a mission to make applying to college a stress-free process for every student

We believe peer advice is the best advice, and that is why we created PeerOne!

We want to get people into their dream colleges with as much ease and speed as possible, no matter their background. We do this through a Peer Mentor model where we pair high school students to current undergraduates who have been through the process and are at the schools the students are applying to.

The mentors are vetted and there to make your life the easiest it can possibly be! Successful students have said that older mentors were key for their success. We have been through the college application journey and have also helped numerous individuals get into college and find careers post college. 


College Consulting, Reimagined

What is Peer Mentorship
for College Applications?

Applying to college is like a game. Unlike other games, you don’t know the rules until you’ve successfully finished playing.

Peer Mentorship gives you the crucial advantage of learning the rules from someone who has previously succeeded before you play.

Our Peer Mentors are the best and brightest current students from the Country’s most competitive Colleges here to help you avoid the same mistakes countless students continue to make over and over again each year.

Why Peer

Over 60% of Mentors we interviewed (and we interviewed hundreds) said that the peer advice was the best advice for them during the College Application process. Especially from older peers who are in the schools they’re applying to. 

Unlike traditional College Consultants, Peer Mentors are relatable and can effectively excite, motivate, and inspire you (your son/daughter) to easily overcome the inevitable challenges that come with College Applications. They offer invaluable insights from a student perspective that results in the most actionable advice that you cannot find anywhere else.

Cost Effective
College Support

PeerOne strives to make quality college support more accessible and most importantly, affordable, so you can most easily and effectively complete and submit your applications with confidence.

Why do we do it?

Did you know that … 


The average student to guidance counselor ratio in the USA is 464:1


The average price of a private college consultant starts on average at $200+/hr with packages ranging $10,000+ 


At PeerOne, we thought that was crazy. We believe that every student should have access to quality, affordable help when they need it .... and that is why we created our three pillars:

Help students get into their dream schools

Make the process as easy, stress-free, and simple as possible

Be accessible to all that need us

Feel like your college essay is missing something?

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